Executive coaching
Board level executives frequently find themselves isolated from training and development activities by virtue of their seniority. We have a wealth of experience in providing support to senior executives - on both a one-to-one and Board wide basis. Key areas where we can help include:

  • Conflict resolution and communication: Individuals have different ways of looking at things, different values and different priorities. These differences should be a strength - adding breadth of perspective to the business decision making process. Unfortunately, all too often they result in 'dysfunctional Board' syndrome - where communication and trust breaks down. We have considerable experience in handling such situations with sensitivity and discretion - breaking down the barriers to communication, creating mutual understanding and rebuilding trust.

  • Time management and work-life balance: The responsibities and demands associated with running a business are enormous. Unless a senior executive can develop the capacity to free-up their time to focus on what is really important to him or her and the business these demands can have a catastrophic effect on the business, the executive's family life and his or her health. We can equip executives with a range of practical tools and techniques to help achieve the degree of equilibrium needed to perform effectively and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Coming to terms with new responsibilities: Newly appointed Board members are often both daunted by their new responsibilities and unsure of exactly what these are. They also frequently find it difficult to distance themselves from the 'detail' of their previous role. We can help in these circumstances to clarify both corporate and statutory responsibilities and help the individual to map out a personal plan as to how he or she is going to develop his or her role.

  • Managing growth: Growth inevitably diminishes the level of contact senior management can have with both their customers and their employees. A consequence of this can be that the business loses the vibrancy and energy that characterised its early development. We are experienced in helping business managers to develop strategies to overcome this problem - developing powerful internal and external communication channels to keep the culture energised and focussed.
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