Management development
We offer highly interactive, tailored in-house programmes with the focus on performance management. A typical short three day programme would include:

Day one:
  • Principles of leadership – leadership vs. management, inspiring confidence, winning commitment;
  • Managing & developing people – situational leadership, coaching techniques, theories of motivation;
  • Building effective teams – team models, internal & external dynamics, team roles, patterns of communication, task & maintenance management, goal setting, managing perceptions;
  • Performance management – appraisal, measuring performance, delivering feedback, objective setting, managing poor performance;
Day Two:
  • Time management – high/low leverage activities, prioritisation of tasks, delegation/empowerment;
  • Personal influence – the importance of behaviours (competencies), assertive vs. aggressive behaviour, positive influencing, active listening skills, negotiating skills, communication strategies, one-to-one and group communication, presentation skills;
  • Organisational culture, power and politics – ‘orchestrating’ decisions, identification of decision-making network and ‘key’ figures;
  • Change Management – planning and implementing change, validating with function/process owners, identification of obstacles, communicating change.
Day three:
  • Problem solving – types of thinking, problem identification and analysis, linear and associative logic, decision making;
  • Organisational Development – building blocks (Vision, Strategy, Tactics, Processes), strategic thinking/planning, business life-cycles, managing growth, market segmentation, strategic models (BBS/EFQM);
  • Crisis management – communicating crises, stress management, conflict resolution, recognising individual defence mechanisms;
  • Wrap-up – summary of learning points.
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