On-line HRM

Our on-line self-service Human Resource Management system is exceptionally powerful. It also goes beyond the normal boundaries of personnel management processes. We can provide full support services either running the system on a managed external secure server or installing it on your own internal server. Features and functionality include:

  • Absence management
    • holidays - self-service request and authorisation;
    • sickness - reporting, self-certification and analysis.
  • Full end-user content management for:
    • On-line employee handbook;
    • Contracts of Employment;
    • Letters and envelope labels;
    • Management Guidelines.
  • Appraisal Module;
  • Employee Survey Module;
  • Task/resource scheduling;
  • Internal telephone and contact lists;
  • Accident reporting;
  • On-line employment application form with automated equal opportunities monitoring;
  • Qualifications, training & skills tracking;
  • Company vehicle fleet management;
  • Company asset management and tracking (laptops, mobiles etc.);
  • Disciplinary & grievance recording & tracking;
  • Employee forum/bulletin board.
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