Combining HR expertise with internet technology solutions

Selection & Development offers clients project based HR consultancy advice or a complete Outsourced Human Resource Management solution. Our services range from 'nuts and bolts' policies and procedures through to organisational design and executive development. We combine this expertise with our powerful internet based software applications to enable managers to manage their business and the people within it easily and effectively.

select, si-lekt', vt, to pick out from a number by preference - adj picked out; choice; exclusive - n selection, the act of selecting, the process by which some human beings contribute more than others to the next generation, in natural selection through intrinsic differences in either fertility or the ability to survive.

develop, di-vel'op, vt, to bring out that which is latent or potential in, to bring to a more advanced or organised state, to grow or advance, to evolve - n development, the act or process of developing, evolution, a gradual unfolding or growth.
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